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‘Dadirani Consultants Private Limited is a decade old company that has been serving start-ups, big government organisations, the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force as also private enterprisesof all sizes. Through its myriad services that extend from Direct and Indirect Tax Consultancy, International Tax Compliance to Consultancy for MSMEs, Start-ups to representing our clients in complex cases in front of different appellate authorities and being their dependable anchor for all their economic and taxation transactions.

We have our finger in every pie of the taxation and financial world that surrounds the businesses today. The variety that we have in our experience of services that we offer, affords us a vantage point where we sit pretty and are most suited to offering taxation and financial planning advice to any type of organisation at any stage of its business life.


Even so, advice is just the beginning. We hand hold the new entities and walk them through the potential quagmire of direct and indirect taxation as also raising of finances which is often the make or break factor for any new business. Today’s business environment is the most flexible and dynamic that it has ever been. Everything seems to be in a flux. Clients, employees, competitors, government policies – the variable factors are too many and a business always feels that at least if one aspect is completely looked after by a capable pair of hands, it could concentrate its energies elsewhere. This is where wecome in. Once you hand over the taxation and financial matters to us, you can know that you are in safe experienced hands and have that much more time and energy to utilise them in more deserving areas.

If you are an existing entity, you already know how important it is to have experienced professionals in charge of the taxation stuff. The variety, the frequency and the sheer number of statutory taxation forms that need to be uploaded is mind boggling. Add to this the complex determination of taxation rates, to which party and to which product what kind of invoice to be raised, how to raise and how to disclose them in returns. In short – this work is best left to those who do it for a living and know what they are doing.

We swear by the below mentioned credo which is at the core of our service values:

Personal Touch - Individual Attention

What sets us apart from other similar offerings is our no-nonsense approach and personal attention that we give to each client. The moment we forge a relationship, you shall be assigned a person who shall cater to all your requirements and will keep you updated on the jobs needed to be done. If you are suitably inclined, you can follow the progress of your job through Android, iOS and Windows app as well.

Clarity - Openness and Fair Dealing

We have a commitment to all its clients to keep everything open and fair from the very beginning. You will not be sprung any surprises in the middle of our dealing asking for more fees or us ever going back on our word. We live by the credo that a commitment made is not to be broken – ever!


Predictability - Deadlines are meant to be stuck to

Now here’s something that any business loves to have but can seldom have it. With us, however, all our assignments are promised to be completed in a time bound manner to provide you the luxury of planning ahead safe in the assurance that the task assigned by you shall be completed by the deadlines.


These are tall commitments to make and difficult to fulfil. But we do this by being focused on our most important aspect – YOU !!!  We welcome you to a new phase of freedom from worries about all tax matters. Sit back, relax and give time to running your business while we take care of the rest.

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