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Dadirani Consultants Private Limited is more than a decade old company that has been at the forefront of all major changes on the canvas of Indian commerce – be it electronic TDS in 2011, Service Tax in  2012, multiple laws such as Goods and Services Tax [GST] laws, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Act, Money Laundering laws, Black Money law Amendments, FEMA Amendments etc. from 2015 till date. During this time some of the biggest names have availed of our services such as Airtel, Intex Technologies, Ministry of Home Affairs, all wings of the Indian Armed Forces and many more.

We have our fingers in every pie of the business world that surround the businesses today. The variety that we serve in our experience of services that we offer, affords us a vantage point where we sit pretty and are most suited to offering taxation, legal, secretarial and financial services to any type of organisation at any stage of its business life.

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