Our Specialisation

We all would agree that book-keeping is one of the most mundane of all activities in the financial hierarchy. However, it need not be so because we provide not only the usual services but also enterprise-specific specialised reports to be used as MIS tools. These include:

  • Debtors & Creditors: YTD Analysis
  • Cash FlowAnalysis
  • Working Capital Requirement Analysis
  • Purchase & Sales: Pattern Analysis
  • DPR Analysis
Regular Services

Updating books of accounts is a two-way street. The more prompt and more accurate the data is shared with us, the higher the efficiency level

Offline Tools:

Under this option we maintain the books of accounts in one of the following two software:

  • ERP
  • BusyAccounting Software

These are maintained on our servers which are protected by hardware backed security systems and with multiple real time backups ensuring one hundred percent safety.

Online Software:

This option is especially suited for those who need real time access to their accounts and are not reserved in sharing their bank account login passwords since the online book keeping software make use of auto-import features. We prefer the following two online book-keeping software:

  • QuickBooks®
  • HostBooks®
Why Book-Keeping

Book-keeping is the backbone of all financial compliance. Therefore, there is no option but for it to be accurate right to the paisa. It is understood that book-keeping serves two primary purposes:

  • to satisfy not only the investigative urges of the tax departments; but also to
  • enable the business manager make informed decisions based on the true financial position of the enterprise.
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